Chief of Police Anthony Jannicelli

2001 - Present

Welcome to the Woodcliff Lake Police Department web site.  2014 was the 60th anniversary of our agency.  I have attempted to preserve the best from the past, as well as continuing to be on the cutting edge of training, equipment, and personnel.  We are committed to providing the highest quality of service to those who live and work in Woodcliff Lake.  We have continued to build on our programs, established over many years of dedicated commitment, in order to provide a pro-active approach to law enforcement.  We have established our Community Policing Sector Program, which has been given both media and national attention, being published in the IACP Police Chief magazine. Residents and businesses have officers assigned to their neighborhood and business.  Please reach out to your sector officer for any “non-emergency” needs or questions.  As you go through this web site, you will be introduced to the many areas, services and programs that your Police Department has to offer you.  I will be including and updating information here, that I submit to the Borough News Letter.

Thank you, Chief Anthony Jannicelli, Woodcliff Lake Police Department.





Woodcliff Lake Police Department  2017   3rd Quarter Newsletter

In New Jersey, under social host liability laws, adults who serve or supply alcohol to persons under the age of 21, can be held liable if any of those underage persons are killed or injured. Parents who break these laws could be charged for medical bills and property damage and could be sued for emotional pain and suffering. In addition to lawsuits, parents in New Jersey may find themselves subject to criminal prosecution for underage drinking by their teen and their teen's friends. (see exemptions under 2C:33-17b, and Woodcliff Lake Borough Ordinance 179-27) In addition, parents may be held responsible even if they're not at home when underage drinking occurs.  They may also be held responsible if underage drinking takes place anywhere on their property.

New Police Officer Hired:  Please welcome P.O. Michael Charnesky to our ranks.  Officer Charnesky is an Alternate Route graduate of the Morris County Police Academy, and his appointment was in effect on June 1, 2017.  Welcome Aboard.

NJ Department of Justice Award: On May 22, 2017, our police department received the NJ Attorney General’s 2017 Community Policing Award.  This award recognized our “Community Policing Sector Program” which has been in effect since 2002.  See our web site for more information on the program and your sector officer.

Scams: Several new scams have surfaced.  Some caller ID’s list local numbers, but are not from in the state, or in this country.  Do not give personal information or send money.  Some scams indicate that your relative is either being held for ransom or has been arrested and needs money.  Other scams identify themselves as the IRS and that the police are on the way to arrest you.  Please verify with this agency if you have any questions.

Ride-Along-Program: This agency has a long standing program for anyone 18 years of age and either lives or works in Woodcliff Lake to participate in a ride-along.  Please call 201-391-8224 M-F from 8:00-4:00pm to register for an appointment.  The program consists of a tour of our headquarters, display of our patrol car equipment, and a tour of the town from a police officer’s perspective.

“Chief for a Day”:  I would like to thank Middle School Student Matthew Falanga for participating in the Bergen County Sheriff’s “Chief for a Day” program, representing the Woodcliff Lake Police Department.  “Chief Falanga” was sworn in at the Borough Hall, assisted me with payroll, had a tour of headquarters and a ride-along thorough the Borough.  We then went to the Bergen County Court House for more photos and then a motorcade to the Stony Hill Inn for lunch and the presentation of plaques.  What a great day.

Thank you.

Chief Anthony Jannicelli

Woodcliff Lake Police Department