Domestic Violence Crisis Response Teams




What Is A Domestic Violence Crisis Response Team (DVCRT)?


DVCRT's are authorized in New Jersey through the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act (2C:25).  The Bergen County Prosecutor's Office Bergen County Department of Human Services, Division of Alternatives to Domestic Violence, municipal police departments, and trained volunteers work together to serve victims in crisis.


How Does It Work ?


The responding police department will arrange for a trained volunteer to meet with a victim at the local police headquarters.



What Does the DVCRT Volunteer DO?


A domestic violence police intervention can be an overwhelming experience.  Victims may feel nervous and afraid.  The DVCRT volunteer is specially trained to comfort victims and help them through the crisis.

DVCRT volunteers provide important information to help victims understand their choices.  They keep their conversations private unless there is child abuse or suicidal or homicidal issues.

Volunteers may care for children while police interview the victim.  They also keep the victim company while waiting for family, friends, and transportation.


Domestic Violence Response Team Services:


Volunteers do make a difference.  Ask to speak to a DVCRT member at the Woodcliff Lake Police Department if you are interested in serving your community.